Larry Bennett, Ph.D.


Area of responsibility: IU South Bend

DW 2231
1700 Mishawaka Ave.
South Bend, Indiana 46634
Office: (574) 520-4881

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1990

Area of Interest:

My research is in intimate partner violence (IPV). Currently I am examining IPV perpetration and substance use disorder (SUD) in lesbian couples, typology of men who use IPV, effectiveness of interventions with men who use IPV, community-based hybrid approaches to IPV and SUD, and the perspectives of immigrant Latino men on IPV.  

Teaching Interest:

Mental health practice with adults, family violence, practice evaluation, single case evaluation, research methods, statistics

Practice Experience:

Community mental health, substance abuse prevention, Youth Service Bureaus, independent social work practice where I focused the last 20 years on child custody evaluations in contested divorces

Publications / Presentations:

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